• Our Physiotherapists believe in a treatment approach that focuses on Quality "Hands on Therapy".

    Suffering with aches & pains?

    Are you tired of spending yet another day & a moment living with discomfort? Worsening pain kills you silently? Look no further, because everything you have always wanted ,to fight your pains & aches,to live pain free is HERE now @ REVIVE POHCS.As Physiotherapists &amt; Ergonomists we are passionate about patient & Client care, our 7 years of clinical experience in these fields proves it.

    REVIVE POHCS was started with an ultimate aim to provide the rehabilitation & occupational health services through the evidence based approaches that fits & benefits the Asian population. Our Physiotherapy chamber provides the skilled hands on therapy with dynamically designed treatment approaches and with Advanced Rehabilitation & Manual therapy techniques custom made for each client

    Our Occupational health and Ergonomic solutions team has experience of dealing over 1000 clients with Repetitive Strain Injuries in the IT profession.The Ergonomists were trained by the cult figures In this field and had onsite postings to do Ergonomic workstation analysis(EWA) and prescriptions in Topmost IT companies in India.

    REVIVE POHCS offers a full range of rehabilitative ,preventive care and treatments for all kinds of . No matter what your needs, we have the experience to give you the best rehabilitation care that you want with a level of comfort. We guarantee you the best outcomes in this rehabilitation field