• Our Physiotherapists believe in a treatment approach that focuses on Quality "Hands on Therapy".

    General Assessments

    The Most important job we do on your first visit is to find the root cause of your problem.

    Before you receive any treament/advice our skilled physiotherapist will discuss your condition with you and carefully assess & examine the area & nature of your problem.

    Following which it will be determined if physiotherapy is appropriate ,then the treatment paln with will formulated tailored to your needs.

    Purpose of Assessment

    • Screening – To identify potential problems in development; ensure development is on target.
    • Instructional – To teach, support, and monitor learning of management in Long term Differently abled.
    • Diagnostic – To diagnose strengths and areas of need of intervention,home program.
      To diagnose the severity and nature of need, and establish therapy eligibility.
    • Program Evaluation/Accountability – To evaluate therapy and provide accountability data on outcomes for the purpose of symptom improvement.

    Some problems resolve easily with simple advice or particular exercises &amt; stretches that the Physiotherapist will instruct you. Other Problems will need additional intervention and help.

    The treatment options &amt; benefits will be explained to you and further appointments can be scheduled accordingly.