• Our Physiotherapists believe in a treatment approach that focuses on Quality "Hands on Therapy".

    Who We Are

    WELCOME TO REVIVE POHCS (Revive Physiotherapy & Occupational Health Consultancy Services)


    Established in the year 2012 by Dr.Merlyn Hilda.J,REVIVE POHCS has grown to become a trusted and professional Service Provider in the field of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation in and around East & North Bangalore.

    Our Team has extensive experience in treating & Rehabilitating people from broad section of our community. We are proud of our Involvement with many IT-Companies, Housing Associations & NGO’s in and around the thickly populated areas of Bangalore. In the recent past clients from other countries like UAE, Nigeria, Qatar drop in our clinics due to our evident based approach in this field.

    Our Physiotherapists believe in a treatment approach that focuses on Quality “Hands on Therapy”. In the Year 2014 it was acknowledged as the MOST BOOKED Clinic for the Physiotherapy Practices & Rehabilitation services by PRACTO –one of the leading online Healthcare management firms.

    REVIVE POHCS also embraces new technology, including Manual therapy, McKenzie’s Approach for Back Aches, Kineseology Taping Techniques, Maitland’s Approach to provide the evident based Physical Therapy Interventions. Each Consultation is conducted by the senior consultants and the therapy prescriptions would be documented. We believe that this makes us different from the routine Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinics.

    In addition we believe that our strong referral network is our own clients & Networking NGO’s.This gives you comfort in the quality of our physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services that we don’t work on monthly or yearly targets. We do not work towards just the pain relief. Moreover we identify the root cause of your problem and treat it to aid you a permanent relief. And towards the rehabilitation, our goal is not to make you walk but to make you to be independent with your inability.



    The Team of Revive POHCS has a vast experience over 15 years cumulatively .As mentioned it was started by Alumni of India’s best medical college “CHRISTIAN MEDICAL COLLEGE,Vellore “. Our Team works one to one basis with the clients and this means that group therapy or sessions at closed environment is provided with utmost care. Started with just 2 Consultants ,now REVIVE POHCS has grown strength to strength with a capacity to treat over 1800 happy clients over the past 2 years.Revive now has exclusively 5 Therapists to visit the clients at the doorsteps who needs the early rehabilitation care to promote their wellness.

    Merlyn Hilda, Co-Founder is a renowned Pediatric consultant who treats the kids with special needs and visits special schools as a visiting consultant to give her expertise suggestions that has made the kids to achieve many milestones in their lives. She also is a Certified PODIATRIST by one of the pioneering institutions of PODIATRY which has worked in this field for over 80 years. Clients from various parts of the country and different places within Bangalore Visit her and many have got their PODIATRIC Assessments done and treated for their unique problems.She has an excellent hands on approaches in Myotherapy,Taping techniques,Nerve Tissue Mobilisation.Being a life member of IAP ,started working in the year 2005 she has vast experience in working across the country for various NGO’s .She was a pioneer in starting Rehabilitation Center that is still functioning for the Socio Economically marginalized.She was key member of Prevention of Impairments & Deformities Auditing Team and have visited various hospitals in Central & South India to give in her expertise suggestions.

    Daniel,C0-Founder is a well known orthopedic Physiotherapy Consultant .With his vast experience in the field of Spine care Physical therapy trained in the Mckenzie’s Technique that evolved from New Zealand have treated successfully 1000 Clients.He is the visiting Physical Therapist and chief Ergonomist of REVIVE POHCS.He Completed the Bachelor degree & Master Degree he has pursued certification in Spine care from the renowned university of New Zealand.He is a life member of IAP. Started working in the year 2007 he has worked in various sectors of rehabilitation especially in Prevention of Impairments & Deformities ,Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders(WRMSD).He has done over 250 Workstation analysis & Prescriptions in various IT-Companies successfully that has created a stress free workspace for the Employees.He has secured certifications in Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation(EWA) from the member organization of Ergonomics for Posture & Movement,Milano(Italy), Ergonomics for Small Scale Industries,Trigger Point Releases, Muscle Palpatory Techniques, Exercise Prescription for Cardiovascular diseases Etc..