REVIVE Physiotherapy, Occupational & ergonomics Health Consultancy Services "REVIVE POHCS"

    Suffering with aches & pains?

    Are you tired of spending yet another day & a moment living with discomfort? Worsening pain kills you silently? Look no further, because everything you have always wanted ,to fight your pains & aches,to live pain free is HERE now @ REVIVE POHCS.As Physiotherapists & Ergonomists we are passionate about patient & Client care, our 7 years of clinical experience in these fields proves it.

    REVIVE POHCS was started with an ultimate aim to provide the rehabilitation & occupational health services through the evidence based approaches that fits & benefits the Asian population. Our Physiotherapy chamber provides the skilled hands on therapy with dynamically designed treatment approaches and with Advanced Rehabilitation & Manual therapy techniques custom made for each client

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    General Assessments

    • The Most important job we do on your first visit is to find the root cause of your problem.
    • Before you receive any treatment/advice our skilled Physiotherapist will discuss your condition with you and carefully access & examine the area & nature of your problem.
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    Podiatry Assessments

    • Relief of foot pain and lower limb pain.
    • Prescription and provision of orthoses (specialist shoe insoles).
    • Use of techniques with minimal invasion.
    • Preventative care for people with specific conditions such as diabetes, poor circulation and various forms of arthritis.
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